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Oral and IV Sedation

Oral Sedation DOCS logoSedation dentistry is the perfect answer for anyone whose anxiety about going to the dentist keeps them from enjoying better dental health.  

Anxiety is perfectly understandable.  Everyone experiences it at one level or another, but today there is no reason for anxiety and fear to keep you from having a great smile and improved dental health.  

Sedation dentistry is really all about comfort.  It can start with topical and local anesthesia, completely numbing the area to be treated.  As necessary, "conscious sedation" can be applied, ranging from an oral sedative to aid in calming your nerves to complete intravenous anesthesia under the care of an experienced anesthesiologist.   

Woman sleepingWith complete sedation you will have no awareness of treatment during the entire procedure. Your pulse, blood pressure, and respiration are monitored, and the anesthetics used allow for quick recovery.  

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DOCS Membership

Dr. Learn's membership in DOCS (Dentist Oral Conscious Sedation) Education supports the mission of the DOCS Education mission: to create a safe and welcoming dental experience for the many people who avoid seeking dental care due to fear.

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